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Scuola e corsi di Lingua Italiana in Italia, Sicilia, cefalu Italienische sprachshule, italienisch-sprachkurse in Italien, Sicilien, Cefalu Escuela y Cursos de idioma Italiano en Italia, Sicilia; Cefalu École de langue Italienne en Italie, Sicile. Cefalu Italienska Språkskola, Italian language schoolin Italy, Sicily, Cefalu Talenschool Italiaansin,Talencursussen Italiaans in Cefalù, Sicilië, Italië Italiensk språkskole, Italiensk språkkurs,Lær italiensk i Cefalù, Sicilia, Italia Italian Kielen Koulu, Scuola di lingua Italiana, in Italy, Sicily, Cefalu Italienske sprogskole, scuola di lingua Italiana in Sicily, Italy, Cefalu Italian language school in Italy, Sicily, Cefalu: Home  Polacca イタリア語講座 -  イタリア、シチリア、チェファルのイタリア学校 Courses: Итальянская языковая школа в Италии, на Сицилии Italian language school in Italy, Sicily, Cefalu:Hungary
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  Italian language and culture courses in Italy, Sicily, Cefalu
A small quality Italian language School

The Italian language courses at our Italian language school last two weeks on average, but we are happy to arrange Italian courses of one week to six months. Classes at our Italian language school are held in the mornings from Monday to Friday. The afternoons are free for students to take part in  excursions and free time activities organised by our language school, socialise or enjoy the wonderful beach.

Class sizes range from four to eight students on average. This allows the teacher to monitor participants in our Italian language courses with particular care, and guarantees each student an active participation in the learning process.
The first day of the course at Kulturforum Italian language school students are first welcomed by the director and the teachers and soon afterwards take a preliminary test (a written grammar test and an interview) to identify their general level and the specific area of language they need to improve and determine the appropriate level of their Italian course. We also organise courses for teachers of Italian as L2.
Preparation for the university exams in Italian as a foreign language ( CILS; CELI) is also available.
At the end of the Italian language course students receive a Certificate of Attendance.
Each one-hour lesson runs for 50 minutes.

NB: in groups with fewer than five students the hours are reduced to 15hrs a week; with one student per class they are reduced to 10hrs a week.

Standard Italian language course

The standard Italian language course is suitable for students who wish to improve their overall level of Italian, practising the four basic skills: speaking, listening, reading and writing as well as widen their vocabulary and their understanding of grammar rules. Particular emphasis is placed on the spoken Italian language to cover a wide range of day-to-day communicative situations.
The standard Italian language course consists of 20 hrs of lessons per week, a study hour being of 50 minutes duration.

Combined Italian language course

The combined Italian language course, with 1 hour of extra one-to-one tuition per day combined with the standard course, allows our Italian language school's student  to have his/her individual teacher who can respond to particular needs and interests.
You can choose to deepen your understanding of the rules of grammar as well as work further on vocabulary, select some topics for discussion or simply to chat about various things with your teacher so as to become even more familiar with everyday spoken Italian language.

Italian language for special pourpose

This course is intended for professionals who already have a basic knowledge of the Italian language and want to improve both their social Italian and the language they need for their professional life and  in the interaction with professional partners in Italy.
The course is tailor-made to respond to the students' professional needs.
This course comprises attendence of the standand course plus two extra hours of specialist teaching

Italian for business div Italian for tourism divisore Ready steady cook
This course aims to familiarise the student with the specific teminology used most frequently in Italy in the business world. d This course is tailored to those working in the tourist and hotel industries and focuses on the language needed to deal with real work situations. d Course for chefs and lovers of Italian cuisine who wish to learn the language of cookery and discover the rich and varied Italian gastronomic tradition.
The course includes practical cookery lessons with qualified chefs.

One-to-one tuition is tailored to suit your specific requirements.
Course topics and content are decided directly with the teacher who will help you identify your needs and meet your objectives. Number of study hours and length of your Italian individual course are flexible. One-to-one tuition can take place, on request, in your hotel or apartment. .

lesson duo

This course is for students who wish to attend an intensive Italian language course in a group of two.
Even in this case our students of Italian have the opportunity to decide  the number of study hours and the content of their Italian course, if they prefer to focus on some specific topics or relay on our teachers' competence to let them  elaborate a personalised didactic path.
The Learning Duo must be booked by two people at the same time.


Io~Tu is a simple but extremely effective method, a fast and pleasant way to learn or improve a foreign language through exchange: “ I will help you learn my language and you will teach me yours”. The school organises a meeting between our foreign students and the Italian students attending our English, German, French, Spanish and Japanese courses. This new communicative approach, thanks to its intercultural character, gives both students the opportunity not only to practise and converse in the two languages but also to gain more insight into each other's culture and lifestyle through direct communication. It is a modern way of learning that will give you the opportunity to make new friends in Italy with whom you can keep in touch even after leaving Cefalu.
Io~Tu is free for  students attending the Italian  Language  Courses  at  our  Italian Language School.
To find out more about Io~Tu visit:

Italian courses for children

If you visit Sicily and Cefalu with your children, they can also learn Italian in an atmosphere of fun through courses tailored for them, where they can learn in a creative and stimulating way through drama, play, drawing, and games.
Our Italian language  school can also provide a qualified babysitting service to take care of your children while you are attending your Italian language course.


the sicily's culture.
ur Italian language  school offers a series of seminars which can be combined with your Italian language course. The goal of these seminars is not only the study of the Italian language but also an in- depth discussion of topics relating to diverse aspects of  life and culture in Italy or Sicily:

Speaking without words:
Italian 'sign language' and gestures.
Puppet theatre:an old Sicilian tradition.
Find out the history of the theatre, meet the puppeteers and enjoy the performance.
2 + performance
Italians: a nation of saints, sailors and... singers.
The Italian language through songs.
"I know nothing, I saw nothing, I don't want to know anything": Let's talk about the mafia.
Island of contrasts:
History of Sicily from ancient to modern times.
Let's read some Italian literature together:
Some suggestions:
  • Leonardo Sciascia: A ciascuno il suo
  • G. Tomasi Di Lampedusa: Il gattopardo
  • Dino Buzzati: L’invasione degli orsi in Sicilia
  • Luigi Pirandello: Novelle
  • Alessandro Baricco: Novecento
  • Carlo Goldoni: La Locandiera
  • Italo Calvino: Il barone rampante
  • Autori Vari: Un racconto al giorno

    Or a suggestion from you
History of the Italian Language
History of Italian post-war literature
History of Italy from the unification to the present day.
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